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The Yawning Portal

Baltimore Maryland Dungeons and Dragons Adventure League

Session 18: Inside the Shrine of Tamoachan The party rogue scouted out the newly-found secret tunnel, and found that it simply takes a left turn and continues to yet another secret door.  The passage was otherwise free of any dangers.  Electing...

Wednesday night OPEN MIC at Black Eyed Suzie's in BelAir

Acoustic Guitar & Musicians Group

Wednesday night Open Mic Hosted by: Gaby Frank Every Wednesday 6:00pm-10:pm Black Eyed Suzie's 119 S. Main Street Bel Air, Maryland Great food and great specials!!!!!!

Eye of the All-Father session 2

Baltimore Maryland Dungeons and Dragons Adventure League

You are almost there. Getting to the chamber to finally use the Counches, may be more difficult then you planned. Harshnag told you they are waiting for you. A brief glimpse showed several types of giants waiting in the All-Father chamber.

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