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The Forge of Fury

Baltimore Maryland Dungeons and Dragons Adventure League

You have talked to the townsfolk of Blasingdell, they told you tales of extrordanary blades forged the the great dwarven smith Durgeddin, you also know that the supposed dwarven stronghold is located at the Stone Tooth 3 days travel from...

Networking Luncheon in Bel Air

Maryland, Virginia and DC Business Networking Professionals

Why stay home and have lunch by yourself when you can join members and guests of Maryland Business Connection for a free networking luncheon? Come out to meet local business professionals to help you connect with potential clients and local...

The Forge Of Fury (TFtYP) Session 8

Baltimore Maryland Dungeons and Dragons Adventure League

Adventure for tier one characters .You have entered the forge and cleared the first level and have ventured further in to the forge (Some home brew characteristics, UA is being allowed in my games )

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