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PFS #3-06: Song of the Sea Witch (3-7)

Pathfinder Society and Adventure Card Guild of Baltimore, MD

A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for Levels 3–7. When an unlucky historian in Absalom uncovers an infernal book from distant Tian Xia, he unwittingly unleashes a terrible evil into the city—the legions of devils imprisoned within its...

SFS #1-00: Claim to Salvation (Level 4 Pregens)

Pathfinder Society and Adventure Card Guild of Baltimore, MD

A Starfinder Society Special designed for 4th-level pregenerated characters. Following the disastrous Scoured Stars Incident, the Starfinder Society fights to remain relevant as the rest of the galaxy moves on. With surviving agents stretched to...

Tomb of Annihilation (Session II)

Baltimore Maryland Dungeons and Dragons Adventure League

Prior to departing Port Nyanzura, in order to find the soulmonger, the adventurers purchased a copy of famous explorer Volo's latest book. Volo then proceeded to share some of the rumors that he has been hearing regarding Chult. The group also...

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